We only like good surprises.
No unexpected healthcare bills here.

No hidden costs or fees. Ever.

Healthcare shouldn’t give
you sticker shock!

Many places overcharge for imaging. Why? Because they can! Our exams cost thousands less than the hospital. Since we specialize in imaging, we are more cost-efficient, and we pass the savings on to you. You deserve affordable healthcare.

Going self-pay or have a high deductible? We can help with our flexible payment options. We partner with Care Credit to allow you to pay for your exam over time, interest free.

no hidden costs or fees here!

Our pricing is all-inclusive – it covers the cost of your scan, any contrast needed, and the radiologist’s interpretation of the results. Did we mention we charge thousands less than the hospital?

Yes, We take insurance!

At ImageLink, we work with your insurance to let you know how much your exam will cost, and we let you know the cost before your appointment. We accept nearly all insurance companies. And don’t worry, when you schedule with us, we will confirm that your insurance is in-network.

Schedule with Us

There are 2 easy steps to schedule an appointment at an ImageLink managed center.


Get an MRI order

If your healthcare provider recommends that you need an MRI, let them know you would like to go to an ImageLink managed center.


Schedule Your Appointment

Schedule online or call (888) 504-1422. We’ll find a time that works for you and we always let you know your out-of-pocket cost up front.